Two Great Passions: Chocolate and Trains

Chocolate train

Read the story here:    

Cadbury Chocolate Harder to Melt

Cadbury bar

Found this story rather interesting. Won’t apply to us here in the USA (AZ could be a candidate tho) since it’s an Eastern Asia product,  but shows how candy science marches on!      

No Goo-Goo Shortages!

No Goo-Goo shortage at my house!

Yes, I’m pleased to report that there will be no shortages of G00-Goo Clusters in the Parker housefold for the near future. A generous client found out that an acquaintance had an “in” with the Nashville candy manufacturer so she arranged for these samples to be sent to me. So, to her I say “thanks” [...]

“Hot Chocolate” has new meaning!

Photo: Joseph Erdos. This calls for a taste test… serve it with Mexican cocoa and macaroons for the total taste bonanza!

DIY Valentine’s Chocolates Video.


Found this video which I think is very useful and easy to follow, even for those who have never tried melting chocolate before. With Valentine’s Day coming up faster than you might think, here’s a way to save some money… make those Valentine sweets for your sweetie yourself!! Guaranteed to impress. Watch the video here: [...]

A New Holiday Fudge

Gingerbread fudge is new to me but it sure sounds appealing. I found it on this site. Let me know how it turns out if you decide to make some yourself!  

Fun and Delicious Competition

One of the best dark chocolates.

This is the kind of contest I like and would like to judge (hint, hint)  

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Found My Father’s Favorite Candy!!

Retro candy, Father's Day gift, Texan Candy, Oklahoma candy, Army family

My father's favorite!

In an earlier post I mentioned a pink peanut pattie that my father liked, but couldn’t remember the name. Well, after a brief search, I found it – and, surprise, surprise, the name is Peanut Pattie. Found them on this website, in case you might want to try them yourself. I remember the first one I ever had was when we were traveling thru Oklahoma (an Army family) on the way to his next assignment. Spanish peanuts seem to make the difference.

Get them here:

Father’s Day candy suggestions still being accepted.

Keep those Father’s Day candy gift suggestions coming in.

Retro candy,, Father's

I like the ones I have seen so far. Peanut brittle is a frequent mention. Of course, I think of the retro candies – Sky Bar, Sugar Daddy, Baby Ruth,  which would have been available when my father was a boy. I remember my father as an adult liked a peanut pattie that was pinkish in color, nothing but sugar I’m sure, but I don’t remember the name. I’ll have to do some research on it. Meanwhile, send those candy gift ideas rolling in, the one I like best gets a pound of Guittard Dark Chocolate in pastilles form.

retro candy, Father's Day,

One of my current faves as well!

Retro candy, Father's day gift, caramel suckers, all day candy

The Original All Day Sucker

guittard dark, pastilles, tempering, melting chocolate,

Pastilles make for easy melting.

Written by Marv Parker

Chocolate Sauce (candy or not candy?)

Well, it might as well be candy, tho it’s hard to carry around.

June 13, 2011 0
Father's Day candy, Father's gift, nut brittles
Written by Marv Parker

Favorite Candy for Father’s Day?

Couple suggestions have come in, responding to my request for ideas for the best Father’s Day candy, based upon old memories or recent gifts, given or received. So far, one of the faves is the old stand by, peanut brittle. I like all sorts of nut brittles, including peanut. But, we need more ideas. Keep [...]

June 11, 2011 0
Written by Marv Parker

Invaluable Tool But Hard to Find

All you chocoholics who work with bulk chocolate know that getting the blocks broken down into easily melted chunks can be problematic. I was fortunate in that when I first started taking classes in truffle making from Alice Medrich, of Cocolat fame, I was living in San Francisco where there are a lot of antigue [...]

June 11, 2011 0
candy thermometer
Written by Marv Parker

Candy Thermometers 101

I came to using candy thermometers late in life. So many recipes just gave visual instructions (candy should form firm ball when placed into water) that it was possible to complete the recipe without that tool . However, it became obvious that successes were more the result of luck than skill in deciphering recipes. So, [...]

June 11, 2011 0
Candy Games
June 11, 2011 0
Written by Marv Parker

Toblerone: Frequently a Flier’s Treat

One of the perks of flying with Lufthansa is the free Toblerone bars they hand out. And – you can ask for seconds! Here’s some helpful information about these popular European bars.

June 10, 2011 0
Written by Marv Parker

Retro Candy: Sky Bar

A favorite bar from my youth (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away) is available again! I found this video to be quite informative.

June 10, 2011 0
Written by Marv Parker

Warheads: A Sour Blast!

Described as the manliest candy treat available. This video explains why.

June 10, 2011 0
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