Whatever Happened to…?

One of the only dark chocolate candies I liked as a kid (in fact, maybe the only dark chocolate candy made!) was the Forever Yours candy bar. Nougat, caramel, not nuts, covered with dark chocolate. I didn’t eat it often, I was still hooked on milk chocolates, especially ones with peanuts, but I enjoyed it. Fast forward to: by the 90s, the bar had disappeared. No where to be found. Then, couple years ago, I ran across the Milky Way Midnight Bar and out of curiosity, tried it. Eureka!! It’s the old Forever Yours in a new incarnation. I guess people’s tastes finally grew to appreciate the unique quality that dark chocolate adds. So, now it’s even easier to relive my childhood!! Look for them and try one. Let me know what you think!

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Article by Marv Parker

TV/Video Producer and Host, chocolate enthusiast, truffle maker, wine pairing consultant, food photographer and corn bread maker.
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