OMG! – Polar Bear Smoochies

The excitement is mounting here at headquarters as news of yet another one-of-a-kind candy product crosses our electronic threshold! Direct from Alaska, but not in a political way, is this taste sensation:

Polar Bear Smoochies.

Photo: Great Alaska Seafood

Described by their makers at Great Alaska Seafood(!):

“…are a delightful concoction of crunchy peppermint and creamy white chocolate, drenched in mouthwatering semi-sweet chocolate. Our office staff and the crew back in the processing plant could munch these all day! In fact, this candy tastes even better than it sounds!…”

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the batch of these  Alaskan confectionery delites!  BTW, anyone know if any of the Palin clan are fans too?

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Article by Marv Parker

TV/Video Producer and Host, chocolate enthusiast, truffle maker, wine pairing consultant, food photographer and corn bread maker.

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