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Written by Marv Parker

Is The Praline The Official Mardi Gras Candy?

Good question. Being from the South and having lived in LA, pralines certainly rate very highly for me. I guess it’s the pecans that attract me and which add so much flavor, especially if toasted. If you think your Mardi Gras festivities require some authentic flavors I found a recipe which is easy to make [...]

March 4, 2011 0
Tempering tub
Written by Marv Parker

How Mr. Chocolate Makes His Chocolates

Excellent description of tempering chocolate and the molding process.

February 14, 2011 0
tempering chocolate, bain marie
Written by Marv Parker

Tempering Valentine’s Chocolates for Gift Giving

One of secrets for making fabulous chocolate candies is that if the chocolate is to be melted then used, as for a molded heart, say, then the chocolate has to be tempered in order for it to remain shiny and firm. It has to do with chemistry which I won’t go into here but it [...]

February 11, 2011 0
chocolate dessert,
Written by Marv Parker

Most Popular Valentine Candy Search Finds Torte!

Well, while I was busy searching for what might be the definitive Valentine candy, I ran across this article and recipe…. not exactly candy, but it will do until I find the real thing. Yum and read on:

January 31, 2011 0
Pecan cluster (
Written by Marv Parker

Pecan Clusters A Christmas Favorite!!!

Pecan Clusters Being from the South, pecans were all around me as a kid. Not surprisingly, I still love them. Combine them with chocolate and you’ve got a crowd pleasin’ fave. Ingredients 7-ounce jar marshmallow cream 3/4 pound chocolate broken into small pieces ( I would use semi-sweet, Guittard) 2 1/2 cups sugar 6-ounce can [...]

November 17, 2010 0
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