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Written by Marv Parker

4th of July Candy Ideas Coming In!

  Found this recipe for red, white, and blue bark over at this site. Looks easy enough, as long as you use good chocolate, like the Guittard Dark pastilles that I wrote about recently. Be careful of putting them outdoors in heat, they will soften and melt for sure!         Step 1: [...]

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Colorful and Sweet 4th
Written by Marv Parker

4th of July Candy – Search Is On!

Trying to find the candy most easily identified with the  4th of July celebrations and picnics. Suggestions welcome as I hit the Google trail!!

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Written by Marv Parker

Forever Yours Gone Forever

      Another old favorite candy bar has been missing lo these many years. Forever Yours was made by Mars to go along with Milky Ways and Snickers, offering a dark chocolate coating instead of the usual milk coating. I didn’t eat it too often, dark chocolate seemed a hard taste to acquire at [...]

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Cadbury's Controversial Ad - Campbell
Written by Marv Parker

Cadbury vs. Campbell Update!

  News that chocolate lovers can use: A UK watchdog has officially dismissed complaints from Naomi Campbell that Cadbury’s use of her name in a recent advisement was racist, reports the Guardian. The ad for Cadbury’s new Bliss chocolate bar read, “Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town,” with the candy bar resting [...]

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Latest incarnation
Written by Marv Parker

Goobers – Peanuts and Penises

I have always loved chocolate covered peanuts….. part of a Southern tradition I think since as a kid in N. Georgia peanuts were everywhere. We even grew them in our garden (little known fact: they grow underground). I even remember the stomach aches I got from eating green peanuts. Anyway, early on I found a [...]

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New Mars bar.
Written by Marv Parker

Son of Mars Is Missing!

Zut alors!! I have found a photo of the new Mars Bar, even if I haven’t found the real thing. This photo  may be of the Canadian version (those sneaks). Still searching for one to munch on myself.

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photo: www.candywrapperarchive.com
Written by Marv Parker

Mars Is Missing!

Before you run out to call your local Astronomical Society or the Feds, let me hasten to point out that I am talking about one of my favorite childhood candy bars (this is a candy site, after all), the Mars bar. It was a special candy bar, as I recall, because it was a little [...]

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Written by Marv Parker

Good & Plenty Candy Box Music

Heard something very interesting on KQED-FM during the Michael Krasny show, “Forum, about a Good & Plenty candy box being made into a whistle. Anyone ever heard of that (besides Krasny)? I was never a fan of licorice candy as a kid, so I certainly would not have learned this trick, but maybe you were? [...]

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Written by Marv Parker

5th Avenue Bar was a childhood favorite until…

People who enjoy a 5th Avenue these days would be very surprised to learn that back in the 60s and before, a 5th Avenue had something extra – and it’s missing today! What was it? First, some back story: Back when a 5th Ave was my favorite candy bar (I was 5-6 years old, somewhere [...]

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Written by Marv Parker

Father’s Day candy suggestions still being accepted.

Keep those Father’s Day candy gift suggestions coming in. I like the ones I have seen so far. Peanut brittle is a frequent mention. Of course, I think of the retro candies – Sky Bar, Sugar Daddy, Baby Ruth,  which would have been available when my father was a boy. I remember my father as [...]

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