Written by Marv Parker

Thanksgiving Candy Choices

So, is there an official Thanksgiving candy?   Not sure, but I do know that there are a lot of retro candy bars to enjoy. Relive those childhood moments of joy!! What fun to discover once again the candy you loved as a kid. And Thankfully, there are many that are still around to enjoy, for [...]

November 22, 2010 0
Written by Marv Parker

Whatever Happened to…?

One of the only dark chocolate candies I liked as a kid (in fact, maybe the only dark chocolate candy made!) was the Forever Yours candy bar. Nougat, caramel, not nuts, covered with dark chocolate. I didn’t eat it often, I was still hooked on milk chocolates, especially ones with peanuts, but I enjoyed it. [...]

November 21, 2010 0
Moon Pies
Written by Marv Parker

Question of the Day

Is a Moon Pie candy? I was raised in the South, Georgia mostly, and eating a Moon Pie was no big deal, just another fun dessert. I certainly at them like candy. No thought given in those days of what they might be made of…. just cared that they were sweet and had a chocolatey [...]

November 17, 2010 0
licorice vines
Written by Marv Parker

Licorice Can Be A Healthy Snack, It’s True!

Searching for a healthy munchy, you say? A snack you can feel guilt free about eating? Sounds a little too good to be true, I hear you saying, but actually, for licorice lovers anyway, it’s true. Read on. Natural Vines premium licorice offers strawberry and black licorice, all natural bite-size pieces with no trans or [...]

October 11, 2010 0
Candy corn
Written by Marv Parker

Looking Ahead for Candy Opportunities

Season and Thoughts Turning to Halloween. The hot season for candy is approaching, starting with the ritual of free candy, then cruising toward the granddaddy of all, the Christmas holidays. But first lets look at Halloween candy, since it’s already in the stores. If I had to choose one image that conjures up all the [...]

September 16, 2010 0
Photo: Great Alaska Seafood
Written by Marv Parker

OMG! – Polar Bear Smoochies

The excitement is mounting here at headquarters as news of yet another one-of-a-kind candy product crosses our electronic threshold! Direct from Alaska, but not in a political way, is this taste sensation: Polar Bear Smoochies. Described by their makers at Great Alaska Seafood(!): “…are a delightful concoction of crunchy peppermint and creamy white chocolate, [...]

August 27, 2010 0
Twizzler by Mail
Written by Marv Parker

Candy in Mail – Is that a good thing?

So, Sunday morning in addition to the SF Chronicle I get some free candy: a Twizzlers. I have never eaten one, so at first I was puzzled as to why I got it. Then I realized everyone who subcribes to the Sunday paper got one. That’s a lot of candy floating around the county. An [...]

August 17, 2010 0
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