Valentine's gift before
Written by Marv Parker

Valentine’s Day and Gifts Gone But Not Forgotten

This is what I found waiting for me on Valentine’s Day before dinner: a gift wrapped box of See’s toffee, featuring both milk chocolate toffee and dark chocolate toffee. What a treat! The Valentine’s cards were special too, one on the left I made for my sweetie.

March 4, 2011 0
Good and Healthy!
Written by Marv Parker

Chocolate’s Startling Health Benefits

Good news for us candy lovers…. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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Tempering tub
Written by Marv Parker

How Mr. Chocolate Makes His Chocolates

Excellent description of tempering chocolate and the molding process.

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Valentine's Day, Chocolate hearts, sweetheart
Written by Marv Parker

The History of Valentine’s Day And Chocolate

Not sure about the accuracy of this post, but it does make delicious reading. Happy Valentine’­s Day to all, chocolate lovers and non-chocol­ate lovers. Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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tempering chocolate, bain marie
Written by Marv Parker

Tempering Valentine’s Chocolates for Gift Giving

One of secrets for making fabulous chocolate candies is that if the chocolate is to be melted then used, as for a molded heart, say, then the chocolate has to be tempered in order for it to remain shiny and firm. It has to do with chemistry which I won’t go into here but it [...]

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chocolate dessert,
Written by Marv Parker

Most Popular Valentine Candy Search Finds Torte!

Well, while I was busy searching for what might be the definitive Valentine candy, I ran across this article and recipe…. not exactly candy, but it will do until I find the real thing. Yum and read on:

January 31, 2011 0
Fake candy
Written by Marv Parker

Candy Humor? You Betcha!

Had to laugh when I saw this:

January 13, 2011 0
Written by Marv Parker

Valentine’s Day Is Coming – Candy Lovers Rejoice!!

Here is some interesting background on what makes the day special: (from Valentine’s Day has a history that is full of legends. No one is really sure of its origin. Some say that a Roman called St. Valentine was honored because he did not want to give up his religion. He died on February [...]

January 12, 2011 0
Is this the most popular Christmas Candy?
Written by Marv Parker

Candy Canes: Iconic Christmas Candy??

Yep, I’m looking for what most people would consider the premiere Christmas Candy image. Right now, most input that I’m getting suggests that the noble Candy Cane is the number one Christmas confection. But, I will continue in my search, right up to Christmas eve at which time I will announce the final verdict. Photo [...]

December 6, 2010 0
Written by Marv Parker

Finally Found An Old Favorite!

My friend Barry alerted me to one of his favorite candies, one that I had never tried: the Zagnut. He has some difficulty finding them in Missouri but I was amazed over the weekend to find them here in Northern California, in Petaluma at Powell’s candy store. So, acting in the interest of furthering my [...]

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