Guittard chocolate, dark chocolate, 72% cacao, video production still
Written by Marv Parker

Chocolate Sauce How-to Video Taped!

Starring yours truly, we finished the video taping yesterday and editing has begun. As soon as it’s finished it will be posted here. Using excellent Guittard Dark Chocolate wafers, I demonstrate the proper technique for melting and mixing the sauce so it’s smooth and tasty! It’s actually very easy, as long as you pay attention [...]

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Tastes like the county fair in summertime!
Written by Marv Parker

County Fair Candy Taste!

  What you see here is a handful of goodness…. a pile of Jelly Bellies whose flavor leaps out at you and says “midway candy at the County Fair” in no uncertain terms. This flavor, one of the many that Jelly Belly’s offer, is pure caramel popcorn. Amazingly realistic. Easily my favorite JB flavor. And [...]

June 28, 2011 0
Candyland Concession - Sonoma County Fair 2010
Written by jeff savage


County Fair time it is again! A veritable cornucopia of comestibles awaits! I took this last August at Sonoma County Fair. I’ll be back for more this year!

June 28, 2011 0
County fairs, deep fried candy,
Written by Marv Parker

Summer Means County Fair Candy!

Yep, that time of year again. County fairs across the country, all filled with an amazing assortment of tempting candy treats, many only found at fairs. I’ll be highlighting some of the more unusual (or fattening) offerings in the coming months, especially after my trip to Wisconsin next month. That’s the location of the photo. [...]

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Written by Marv Parker

Candy Corn In Space! Who Knew!

Found this amazing story on the Science Friday website about candy corn (one of our perennial faves): NASA astronaut Don Pettit chose candy corn for his five and a half month stint aboard the International Space Station and made this video:

June 24, 2011 0
Written by Marv Parker

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups vs. Energy Drinks

I read a very interesting and somewhat scary report this morning about the bad effects of the very popular energy drinks, especially about the caloric content. One example was that one RedBull (pictured) had the calorie equivalents of 3.5 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (one of my all time favorite candies, but more about that later)!!! [...]

June 22, 2011 0
4th of July, chocolate candy, Guittard,
Written by Marv Parker

4th of July Candy Ideas Coming In!

  Found this recipe for red, white, and blue bark over at this site. Looks easy enough, as long as you use good chocolate, like the Guittard Dark pastilles that I wrote about recently. Be careful of putting them outdoors in heat, they will soften and melt for sure!         Step 1: [...]

June 21, 2011 0
Colorful and Sweet 4th
Written by Marv Parker

4th of July Candy – Search Is On!

Trying to find the candy most easily identified with theĀ  4th of July celebrations and picnics. Suggestions welcome as I hit the Google trail!!

June 21, 2011 0
Mars Candy, Retro Cancy, Dark chocolates, Forever Yours
Written by Marv Parker

Forever Yours Gone Forever

      Another old favorite candy bar has been missing lo these many years. Forever Yours was made by Mars to go along with Milky Ways and Snickers, offering a dark chocolate coating instead of the usual milk coating. I didn’t eat it too often, dark chocolate seemed a hard taste to acquire at [...]

June 21, 2011 0
Cadbury's Controversial Ad - Campbell
Written by Marv Parker

Cadbury vs. Campbell Update!

  News that chocolate lovers can use: A UK watchdog has officially dismissed complaints from Naomi Campbell that Cadbury’s use of her name in a recent advisement was racist, reports the Guardian. The ad for Cadbury’s new Bliss chocolate bar read, “Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town,” with the candy bar resting [...]

June 20, 2011 0
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